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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you post orders to France?

A: Yes we can post small items weighing less than 1Kg such as locks and cables to France or any other European Country by Airmail

We can also ship by Courier larger items such as springs to many European Countries, ie, Finland, Portugal and Germany.

The shipping costs may vary due the weight and size, please enquire for shipping costs, I will be more than happy to help you.

Q: Do you ship to USA?

A: Yes we can post any item to the USA, small items such as cables and locks are posted by Air Mail.

We can also ship by Courier larger items such as springs to the USA or any other world wide country

The shipping costs may vary due the weight and size, please enquire for shipping costs, I will be more than happy to help you.

Do you require help to identify the make of your garage door?

Q: How do I find out the make / model of my Garage Door?

A: 1. Firstly look on the garage door handle, this usually gives you the manufacturers name, ie, Henderson, Cardale, Garador etc.

2. If there is no name on the lock, then look inside the garage, usually on the inside of the garage door there is a manufacturers lable, ie, Wessex, Marley, Westland etc

3. If you still cannot find any name or manufacturers labels on the garage door, you can take a photo of the garage door lock / handle inside and out and then e-mail the photo to me and I will try to identify the garage door for you!

All jpeg photos can be sent to:

Please make sure all photos that are sent are:

  • Clear and Bright!
  • Of the part you are needing! ie, Garage door lock, roller spindles.
  • Inside and outside garage door photos help!
  • Please reduce size of photo if possible!

Q: How do I change / replace my Garage Door Cables?

A: Changing your garage door cables can be relatively easy if you first

  • Read carefully any Instructions that are available for your door
  • Always replace both cables/wires at the same time
  • Make sure that you have the correct tools available to enable you to complete the job
  • Make sure that you have the correct Garage Door Parts for the Repair.If you are replacing the cables, please also check the Roller Spindles for wear, as this is a good time to also replace them
  • Always oil all moving parts!

Buying your Garage Door Spares Online?

Buying garage door spares online couldn't be easier for you.
Select the part you need, then the quantity required and then simply click add to cart.

We accept payment by PayPal or Credit / Debit Card.

We give you the Option of 2nd Class Post or should you require your garage door spares urgently for a little extra fee the Option of 1st Class Post.

You can choose for the parts to be delivered to your home, work or any address of your choosing.

Your part will be dispatched usually the same day, and delivered via Royal Mail or Courier Service should your spares be quite a large parcel! Check our Products Page for more information on this.
All Payment on our website are 100% Secure

Online Security is paramount to, customers wishing to pay by Debit / Credit Card are secure in the knowledge that the highest level of Security Encryption is used for processing all Credit Card and Debit Card transactions.

When you click 'Proceed to Checkout' to pay for your order, you are then taken to our Secure Merchant Banking Facility.

The payment is then processed through an Encrypted Secure Connection

The Bank checks to make sure your card is not stolen and that all details are provided are correct. All this takes literally only 2-3 seconds to complete, you are secure in the knowledge that all your details are kept secure and encrypted. Please see below for more details.

Please Note:
*We do not have at access at anytime to your Debit / Credit Card details, Paypal or Cardsave do not pass or share any personal details with anyone.*